Wedding Ceremony | Wedding Celebrant Gold Coast

Getting married is a very exciting and major event in your life and today many couples are choosing to have a non-religious wedding ceremony. As a celebrant I can play an important role in helping shape your wedding ceremony to suit your needs and expectations.


Most wedding ceremonies contain these elements:-

1. Wedding Processional

This is the entrance of the bride and groom, and wedding party if applicable.

2. Readings / Music

Literature, Poetry or Religious readings can be read throughout the ceremony.  Favourite songs can accompany the processional and ceremony.

3. Wedding Vows and Exchange of wedding rings or gifts

Now is the time for you to declare your intention to be a married couple. Here you will make promises about what that commitment means to you. This may be a promise to love in sickness and in health, in richness and poverty, till death do you part. Alternatively you may choose to write your own individual and personal vows.

4. Attendants or Witnesses to sign the wedding certificate and marriage license

5. Pronouncement of Marriage

Your celebrant then announces to the assembled guests and / or wedding party that the couple in front of them are now officially married and invites the couple to kiss to seal their new commitment to each other.